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Planted in the Anointing

Dr. Priscilla Parker speaks on how we as believers should stay planted in the anointing of the Lord in order to fulfill all that He has for us to do.

Matthew Chapter 11
Pris Parker brings us a deeper understanding of the text written in Matthew Chapter 11. Join us, as she digs in:

God With Us
Have you ever really thought about the significance of those 3 words together? Join Pastor Keith Parker as he explains what it really means:

Endurance Has Its Rewards
What does endurance produce? Dr. Pris Parker answers this question in tonight’s message

The History Of You
Who will write your last chapter? Pastor Keith Parker delivers an insightful message about this topic:

Declaring His Sovereignty
Dr. Pris Parker digs deep into Psalms 146 to discover what the psalmist says about the sovereignty of God.

Hearing God’s Voice
In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we forget sometimes to simply wait on God, and listen for His voice. Anointed Teacher, Jack Tomlin shares this message, Hearing God’s Voice:

Resting In God
What does it mean to rest in God? Listen, as Pastor Keith Parker explains:

This phrase is found in the book of Isaiah, but what does it really mean? Join Dr. Pris Parker as she explains:

Are You Willing?
It is a simple question, but have you really thought about it? Are you willing to do all God calls you to do? Listen as Pastor Keith Parker encourages you on this subject:

Give Us a King
Dr. Pris Parker takes a closer look at the first appointed King of Israel, how the appointment came to be, and the ramifications of having an earthly king, in the first place:

Let Us Not Grow Weary
Galatians 6:9 reads, “So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up.” Even mature Christians can grow weary. Hear what Dr. Pris Parker teaches is the solution to that problem:

The Truth About Deception
Some may think that Halloween is just a cute day for the kids to dress up and get candy. But, do you know where it came from? Listen as Pastor Keith Parker explains its history:

Who May Climb the Mountain of the Lord?
Psalm 24 starts with questions. “Who may climb the mountain of the Lord?” is one of those questions. Do you know the answer? Listen as Dr. Pris Parker digs deep into the Word for the answer:

Pursuing Your Calling
How do you pursue your calling? Pastor Keith Parker explains in this message:

The Prayer of Blessing
Pastor Keith Parker explains, piece by piece, the prayer of blessing found in Numbers 6. Dive in with him:

Fall Revival 2016 Night 2
Prophet Bill Johnson and his assistant dive deep into spiritual and physical well-being:

Fall Revival 2016 Night 1
Prophet Bill Johnson shares from the Gospels, 3 keys:

Day to Honor Israel
Listen as Pastor Keith Parker and Elder Darrell Fitch explain the prayer shawl, or Jewish talit:

I Am He
Dr. Pris Parker shows us the revelation of who Jesus is, throughout the bible:

Having the God Kind of Faith
Pastor Keith Parker teaches us what power is available to us, if we have that God Kind of Faith, mixing our faith with His:

The Lord Understands Our Thoughts and Searches Our Hearts
God searches our hearts. What does that mean? Dr. Pris Parker explains:

Don’t Let Your Truth Level Rise Above Your Love Level
Prophet Clay Padgett from Cleveland, TN shares with us how to operate in Love:

Lug Nut Jobs
What exactly is a lug nut job? Jack Tomlin explains:

Psalms 37:12
Elder Darrel Fitch breaks down this verse in this eye-opening study:

How Important is Faith to God?
Faith! What is it? How important is it to God? Dr. Pris Parker explains in this message:

The Importance of the Local Church
What does the Bible say about belonging to a church? What should you look for in a church? These questions are answered, as Pastor Keith Parker teaches on the Importance of the local Church:

The Two Streams
This message, based on scripture found in the book of Judges, describes the existence of 2 streams in our spiritual life. Co-Worship Pastor, Steven Speegle explains:

What can My Faith Do?
Pastor Keith Parker answers the question, in this morning’s message.

The Wisdom of Solomon
It’s a phrase you’ve probably heard before, “I need the wisdom of Solomon to make it through this ordeal.” But, what does it mean, and how did Solomon receive this wisdom? Dr. Pris Parker explains:

The Robe of Righteousness
The robe of righteousness is one spiritual garment talked about in the Bible. Pastor Keith Parker explains it in depth:

Let Him Who Glories, Glory in This
Some people glory in their accomplishments, and others brag about their favorite teams, but as a Christian, is it okay for us to glory in anything? Dr. Pris Parker explains:

Stand Still and See the Salvation of the Lord
Listen as Dr. Priscilla Parker delves into the topic of fully recognizing and experiencing the Salvation of the Lord.

You Can’t Serve 2 Masters
Pastor Keith Parker explains how you can’t serve 2 masters. You must choose 1.

How Does the Word Profit Us
Pastor Keith Parker delivers an insightful message on how the Word of God profits us:

Expanding our Territory
Pastor Keith Parker finishes the sermon series, “My Life as a Christian,” with this message, as he explains how we ask God to expand our territory:

Jesus as our High Priest
Listen as Dr. Pris Parker draws parallels from the old testament to show us that Jesus is our High Priest:

Fighting Temptation
In this 2nd part of the 3 part series entitled, “My Life as a Christian,” Pastor Keith Parker explains how we are to fight temptation:

Fortify Your Place
In this 3 part series entitled, “My Life as a Christian,” Pastor Keith Parker stresses the importance of fortifying your place in the Kingdom of God :

Your Drought is Over
Your Drought is over, it’s time to take action on what God tells us to do. Here’s Pastor Keith Parker to explain:

Godly Fathers
On this Fathers Day, Pastor Keith Parker shows us men how we are to be as fathers, Biblically:

Respecting the Word of God
On this Pentecost Sunday, Dr. Pris Parker discusses the importance of respecting the Word of God:

Preparing for Pentecost
With Pentecost arriving next week, Dr. Pris Parker presents this in-depth study of Pentecost, as referred to both in the New and Old Testaments:

Freedom is Not Free
What is the price of your freedom? Pastor Keith Parker explains on this Memorial Day:

Foolish Things
Pastor Keith Parker explains the meaning of 1 Corinthians 1:27, the foolish things:

Jesus Heals the Leper
Dr. Priscilla Parker talks on the healing Jesus performed on the Leper in Luke chapter 5, and sheds light on how it parallels with Leviticus Chapter 14. Dig in with us:                                                                                        

The Power of Prayer
Pastor Keith Parker explains the importance of prayer and our need to talk with God on a daily basis, because we in America are in a war for our households.

Mothers Day
Pastor Keith Parker talks about, “A Mother’s Foundation.”

Radio Devotion
Pastor Keith was invited to 88.5 JFM to do their Drive-Time Devotion on Monday Morning. Here is his segment:

A Servant’s Heart
The Church needs more servants. The harvest is plenty, but the laborers are few. How do we become laborers? Dr. Pris Parker explains.

Faith is Rising
First, hear the testimonies of 3 members who saw God miraculously heal them. Then, step out in faith and put a demand on the anointing. Pastor Keith Parker tells you how.

Either You Believe Him, or You Don’t 
Do you believe God and all of His promises? Do your actions show it? Dr. Priscilla Parker explains.

When God Opens the Door 
When God opens the door for us, what are we supposed to do? Find out now, as Pastor Keith Parker explains.

Praise Him 
Whether it’s for Victory or for keeping you through the storm, give God the praise He deserves. John Hannah explains further.

The Breath of God 
What does it mean to be breathed on by God? Dr. Pris Parker explains.                                                             

He Is Risen!
It’s Easter Sunday. Christ has risen! Pastor Keith Parker explains.                                                                      

The Watchmen
How can we be the most effective watchmen we can be? Does it include judging? Pastor Keith Parker explains.                                                                                                                                                                                         

Have the Mind of Christ
What does, “Have the mind of Christ” really mean? Pastor Keith Parker dives into this subject to help us understand the answer to that question                                                                                                                                             

The Judgments of God Pt. 3 – The 5 Crowns 3/6/16

The bible speaks specifically of 5 crowns that the believer can receive when in Heaven. Learn of these and more in the last installment of this series. 

The Judgments of God Pt. 2 – The Great White Throne Judgment 2/28/16

Of the 2 judgements spoken of in scripture, this is the one you don’t want to have to attend. Find out more about the Great White Throne Judgment in this 2nd installment of this series.

The Judgments of God Pt. 1 – The Judgement Seat of Christ 2/21/16

The Bible says that it is appointed unto man once to die, and then the judgment. Did you know that there are 2 judgments, and whether you are a believer determines which one you will attend. Find out more, as Pastor Keith Parker begins his 3 part series on The Judgments of God. 

Revival Night with Max Navarro – What Do You Really Believe? 3/5/16

Prophet Max Navarro brings a message that asks the question, “What do you really believe?”