“Saved” is a term that we refer to as being Born Again. You see, when Adam and Eve (the first couple) were created, they were told by God to not do something. They did it anyway – this is known as “sin.” Because you and I are descendants of them, their sin passes down to us. So, we are born in sin. The Bible says that God is Holy and cannot tolerate sin. So, our sin separates us from God.

God didn’t like this sin thing, so He made a way for us to be cleaned of our sin and be restored to Him. He sent His son, Jesus Christ, to be born (of the virgin Mary), live a sinless life, die, and then, God raised Him back to life from the dead. The reason for this is that, the only way to remove sin is by the shedding of innocent (sinless) blood. Only the shedding of Jesus’ blood is enough to separate us from our sin. But, for us to accept the free gift of having our sins done away with, and being restored to the Father, we have to accept it. When we accept this salvation, we are “Born Again,’ or “Saved.”

Why is it important to have our sins forgiven? When we are separated from God, while we are alive on this earth, we have time to join with Him again. However, if we die while we are separated from God, the time for us to be saved is up. We would forever be separated from Him, because He is Holy and cannot tolerate sin. But, if we accept salvation, we are restored to God and will live with Him forever (even after we die here on earth). Jesus told us that after we accept salvation (get saved, or are Born Again) we will live with Him and His Father FOREVER!!! Just like God raised Jesus from the dead, He will do the same for us.

Are You Saved? Do you want to be?