December 4, 2016

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Senior Pastor, Keith Parker writes a blog entry each week. You can also find this printed on our weekly bulletin. This week’s blog deals with Keeping Christ in Christmas:

As we enter into a season of joy, thankfulness, and celebration we can’t help but think about our loved ones, our church family, and acquaintances who have played a big part in our lives throughout this year. We hear and read so many postings on social media demanding that businesses, schools, and government offices allow the phrase “Merry Christmas.” We hear and read this phrase “Put Christ back in Christmas.” So how can we as followers of Jesus fulfill that demand? We can start by putting Christ into Christmas ourselves by: 1. Feeding the poor 2. Clothing the naked 3. Expressing and demonstrating love towards others 4. Forgiving those who have harmed or hurt us 5. Giving of ourselves by volunteering at food banks, soup kitchens, etc. 6. Taking food to a widow who is home-bound 7. Blessing a child who may not have anything to open this Christmas

This is only a sample of things we can do as Christians to glorify Jesus Christ on this holiday we call Christmas. We don’t necessarily have to demand the world to display “Christmas” on their signs or advertisements as much as we should be displaying “Christ” in and through us towards others. Where do we start? What can we do? Ask the Lord to give you an assignment or to allow you to cross paths with someone in need. My prayer this Christmas season is that we all be a blessing to someone in need of a touch from Jesus. God bless you and your family.

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